Windows 7 - create default user profile

  1. Make a backup first: Copy C:\Users\Default to C:\Users\Default.original
  2. Create a new user "custom_user" (in local Administrators group).
  3. Customize the profile as you wish.
  4. Logoff custom_user.
  5. Login as Administrator.
  6. Remove "custom_user" from Administrators group
  7. Open regedit. go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList.
  8. Change Default to point to %SystemDrive%\Users\custom_user (instead of %SystemDrive%\Users\Default).
  9. Logoff and relogin as Administrator again.
  10. Go to Control Panel & select System. Select Advanced System Setting
  11. Select Advanced tab.  Under User Profiles select the Settings button. 
  12. Select the Default Profile (which you pointed to custom_user in the registry) & select Copy to. Browse to c:\Users\Default & click OK.
  13. Under Permitted to use, click Change
  14. Give permissions to Everyone. Finally click OK.  (The contents of custom_default with be copied over default (the original default).
  15. After it gets done, go back to regedit & change the back to %SystemDrive%\Users\Default.
  16. Regedit
    1. Load Hive
    2. Change the access right of Hive to "Everyone"
    3. Search any username
    4. Search c:\users\custom_user
    5. Replace SID with .DEFAULT



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