Xiaomi Mini Router R1CM - Downgrade from OpenWRT 15 to PandoraBox

  1. Why
    1. The Wifi speed is slow (reference)
    2. Occasional error message found in system log and/or kernel log.  The router is not stable.
  2. How
    1. Assumption
      1. Assume your router is on OpenWRT 15.05
    2. Preparation
      1. Please download Pandorabox stable version at here
        (I recommend using r1024 over r512.  It is because I encounter bug on VLAN switching on r512.  The switch did not respond to ARP request or send ARP request on non-default VLAN (i.e. outside VLAN1).)
    3. Upgrade
      1. Login to your OpenWRT console
      2. Go to "System" - "Backup/Flash Firmware"
      3. Under "Flash new firmware image", clear the checkbox "Keep settings".
      4. Click "Browse" button and then upload the image.  Click "Flash Image"
    4. Reboot
      1. The router will flash and reboot.  Please wait until the LED stable.
      2. The router will change to default IP (  If you cannot ping the IP after 10 mins.  You can power cycle the router.
  3. Other Tweaks
    1. Error :br-lan: received packet on eth0.1 with own address as source address
      1.  Check if WAN and LAN interface has same MAC address.  If that's the case, please manually change the MAC address of WAN interface.  Then restart the system.
    2. Package List
      1. The package list inside the firmware is incorrect You may need to manually change it.  Go to "System" - "Software"
      2.  Click "Configuration"
      3.  Change to content as below:
        dest root /
        dest ram /tmp
        lists_dir ext /var/opkg-lists
        option overlay_root /overlay
        src/gz r2_base http://downloads.openwrt.org.cn/PandoraBox/ralink/packages/base
        src/gz r2_management http://downloads.openwrt.org.cn/PandoraBox/ralink/packages/management
        src/gz r2_oldpackages http://downloads.openwrt.org.cn/PandoraBox/ralink/packages/oldpackages
        src/gz r2_packages http://downloads.openwrt.org.cn/PandoraBox/ralink/packages/packages
        src/gz r2_routing http://downloads.openwrt.org.cn/PandoraBox/ralink/packages/routing
        src/gz r2_telephony http://downloads.openwrt.org.cn/PandoraBox/ralink/packages/telephony



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