Xiaomi Mini Miwifi R1CM - Padavan Firmware

  1. Install Official Development Firmware 
  2. Open SSH access by loopholes
  3. Backup all original ROM (including bootload.bin)
  4. Replace built-in bootloader with Breed (breed-mt7620-xiaomi-mini.bin)
    1. Copy the new bootloader.bin to USB
    2. write the new bootloader into memory
      mtd -r write breed-mt7620-xiaomi-mini.bin Bootloader
  5. Reboot to Breed (
  6. Upload Padavan (MI-MINI_3.4.3.9-099 .trx) via Breed
  7. In Breed Web 恢復控制台, select:
    固件更新(Firmware Update) -> 常规固件(Firmware) -> check 固件(Firmware) Checkbox (the second row of the selections) -> click 浏览(Browse) button --> select the firmware we downloaded, then click [上传](upload), it will upload and then restart.
  8. The next restart will boot into Padavan.  The initial username and password is admin / admin
  9. To update MAC address, use command radio5_eeprom_mac for 5G, and radio2_eeprom_mac for 2.4G Wifi

Reference: https://plol.eu/how-to-install-a-full-spec-padavan-english-firmware-for-xiaomi-router-mini/

Reference for Xiaomi MiWifi 3 installation: https://www.reddit.com/r/Xiaomi/comments/5d0wmx/guide_how_to_install_padavan_custom_firmware_on/


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