Why Digital Talent Doesn’t Want To Work At Your Company

BY Expert Blogger Aaron Shapiro | 10-27-2011 | 4:00 AM

Source: http://www.fastcompany.com/1779120/embargo-1027-why-digital-talent-doesn-t-want-to-work-at-your-company

Aaron Shapiro summarized the dos and don'ts for a digital company in the area of HR policy and staff development:

  1. Provide right opportunities, for the employee to make a difference.
  2. Top-down leadership and support for digital transformation.
  3. Right and sufficient leadership over the staff to push and guide them to success.
  4. Trial and error is condemned, allow learning of imitative and decision making from mistakes, inspiring entrepreneurial spirit.
  5. Allow a clear path of career development based on merit, not years spent.
  6. Provide the digital team friendlier, open office space, in order to remove communication barrier between departments and individuals

  1.  bureaucracy - do it quick, grasp the chance


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