Visio analysis by dumping all objects into CSV for Excel analysis

Besides using LOCS as a rough estimation, I also use Visio flowchart as a rough estimation for software development projects.

The below VBS file is to quickly dump all the object into a CSV file.  Then I open it in Excel, use PivotTable to count the number of pages and shapes inside each page.

This way, I can quickly figure out the complexity of the Visio for a ballpark of the complexity for effort estimation in software development projects.

' Instruction:
' To run this, run at command prompt: cscript Visio_shapes_analysis.vbs

' References:

'  -- Visio Object Model
docPath  = "C:\data\myVisio.vsd" ' My Visio File

' Normally, I will open the Visio first.  The below snippet get the opened Visio program.
Set AppVisio = GetObject(, "visio.application")

' If Visio is not opened, then it will open it for you.
If AppVisio Is Nothing Then
  Set AppVisio = CreateObject("visio.application")
  AppVisio.Visible = True
  AppVisio.documents.Open docPath
End If

' For writing the result into a CSV (tab separated) 
Set objFSO=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

' How to write file
Set objFile = objFSO.CreateTextFile(outFile,True,True) ' 2nd True=Overwrite
                                                       ' 3rd True=Unicode
Set MyDoc = AppVisio.ActiveDocument
Set MyDocPages = MyDoc.Pages
nPageCount = MyDoc.Pages.Count

' To echo the filename at Command Prompt

WScript.StdOut.WriteLine "Filename: " & MyDoc.Name

' File Header
objFile.Write "PageNo" & vbTab & "PageName" & vbTab & "ObjName" & vbTab & "ObjID" & vbCrLF

For intPageCount = 1 To nPageCount

    ' WScript.StdOut.WriteLine "Page: " & MyDocPages.Item(intPageCount).Name 
    Set vsoShapes = MyDocPages.Item(intPageCount).Shapes 

    intShapeCount = vsoShapes.Count 

    If intShapeCount > 0 Then
        For intCounter = 1 To intShapeCount 
            shapeName = vsoShapes.Item(intCounter).Name
            shapeName = Replace(StrReverse(shapeName),".", vbTab, 1, 1)
            shapeName = StrReverse(shapeName)
            objFile.Write intPageCount _
                            & vbTab & MyDocPages.Item(intPageCount).Name   _
                            & vbTab & shapeName  _
                            & vbCrLF
        objFile.Write " No Shapes On Page"  & vbCrLF
    End If  



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