Microsoft Terminal Server (Remote Desktop) client span across multiple monitors

If you have two monitors on your client side, why don't use utilize all monitors when you are using RDP connection?

To enable the Terminal Server Client (mstsc) across multiple monitors, you can use Windows 7 or using Windows XP with Terminal Server Client 6.0 or above.  To enable  the span, you may start Terminal Server Client using command prompt:

mstsc /span

For more options of Terminal Server Client, you may check with this command:

mstsc /?

If you want to run a saved RDP connection setup file with span monitor, you may use a text editor and add the below line for span monitor:

span monitors:i:1

Catch out
To use span mode, the two monitors must be line up to form a square.

Besides "span" mode, there is also another mode called "multimon" to utilize multiple monitors. To use "multimon" mode, you must have Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate.  Therefore, "span" mode is supported for all Windows.


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