ITIL course offered in Hong Kong (as at 2012-11-26)

With Exam Fee

HPES $12000 (inc Exam) (Wed-Fri)
TenStep (Appolo) $8,500 (inc Exam) (mon-wed)
Kenfil $9800 (inc Exam) (mon-wed)
iTotalSecurity $4500 (inc exam) (no schedule)
Fevaworks $2980 (e-Learning, inc exam fee, only 6 hrs exam prep)

No Exam Fee

Systematic  $1980 (Sundays x 3) (18 hrs)
TechnixPro $4750 (or $5000)  (免費獲贈ISO20000 Foundation Bridge 課程) (6 hrs)
Kornerstone $8800

Exam Fee (HK$1313)

Exam can be taken without taking a course
Infocan (Wanchai) (Exin, VUE)
Systematic (Mongkok, North Point) (VUE)


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