OpenWRT - Add Samba User

  1. Assume SAMBA has been installed on your OpenWRT.
  2. Assume you have your external HDD mounted on your OpenWRT

  1. Add user at OS level (reference: )
    1. Add a new user by editing below 3 files, add new user at last line of each file, with below information (assume UID and GID 1000 is unused!):
      1. /etc/passwd: USER:x:1000:1000:GROUP:/mnt/usb:/bin/false
        /etc/group:  GROUP:x:1000:
        /etc/shadow: USER:xyzDummyString:16666:0:99999:7:::
    2. Change password by using passwd command:
      1. passwd USER

        Changing password for
        USERNew password:
        Retype password:
        Password for USER changed by root
    3. Add a Samba user with smbpasswd command:
      smbpasswd -a USER
      New SMB password:
      Retype SMB password:

    4. At LUCI, under "Allowed Users", enter "USER"; uncheck "Allowed Guest" for added security.


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