Use OpenWRT (on Xiaomi Mini Wifi) as Printer Server for HP LaserJet 1020

To share my HP LaserJet 1020 on my network without keep my computer on.

  1. The HP 1020 uses host based software.  On every power on, it need to download the software from the computer via USB in order to work properly.

  1. Install below packages
    1. kmod-usb-printer
  2. Connect printer
  3. Check device path (/dev/usb/lp0)
  4. create hotplug script (to download firmware on each power on).
  5. download firmware and save to the OpenWRT.
  6.  Setup Windows driver
    1. No bi-directional

Unresolved issue:
  1. If the router reboots but the printer did not, the firmware will be download again to the printer and causing an error.
  2. Cannot handle manual double page printing.

  1. Upsangel
  2. OpenWRT p910nd page
  3. Chau Chee Yang Technical Blog


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