Makes Oracle Developer Days.ova runs on VMWare ESX

The Oracle_Developers_Days.ova  (Redhat nash 5.19.6) was built and intended to be run on Oracle's own Virtual Box.  What if I want to run it on my vSphere?  It cannot  be imported into my vSphere using VMWare converter.  We need extra steps to make the conversion.  Here's the steps:

  1. Download Oracle_Developer_Days.ova into my Windows machine
  2. Download ovftool from VMWare and install it. (VMWare account is needed.  It is free.)
  3. Convert ova to vmx format:
    ovftool --lax 
  4. Oracle_Developer_Days.
  5. ova  \ouput_path

  6. The --lax option will suppress the error because the hardware virtualization platform is virtualbox which is not support by VMWare.
  7. Inside the \output_path, find and edit the .vmx file
    ide1:0.clientDevice = "FALSE"
    ide1:0.deviceType = "cdrom-image"
    ide1:0.startConnected = "TRUE"
    svga.vramSize = "16777216"

    ethernet0.connectionType = "bridged"
    svga.autodetect = "FALSE"

  8. After that, upload all files into ESX using Datastore Browser.
    1. In the vSphere client, click on the server.
    2. Click on the summary tab.
    3. Right click on datastore--> Browse Datastore
    4. Use the icon with the up arrow in front of some disks (Upload files to this datastore)
    5. Upload the folder that contains all the vmx and vmdk files just converted.
    6. Right click on "Oracle Developer Days.vmx", click "Add to Inventory"
    7. Just follow the wizard steps to add "Oracle" into ESX
  9. Power-on the VM
  10. The VM should said that there is a problem on running the X-Windows.  Please follow the on-screen instruction to auto-detect the hardware again.  The X-Windows should be able to display in 800x600 format.
  11. Use username: root and password: oracle to login GNOME 
  12. Install VMWare Tools in console.  During the installation, you will be asked for the startup resolution of X-Windows.  Please select accordingly.
  13. Reboot the VM.
  14. For normal testing of the VM, please use oracle/oracle as username and password for the VM.
If you have difficulty, you can also refer to my another post on putting VirtualBox OVA into vSphere


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