Outsource vs Insource

This article will keep update on the issue on deciding whether insource or outsource is better.

2012-07-09  General Motors Will Slash Outsourcing In IT Overhaul

Why insource:
  • getting a better grip on GM's customer and production data. (maintain core competance for the business side)
  • doesn't emphasize budget cuts but instead centers on delivering more value from IT
  • GM cannot be creative or fast enough with outsourced IT
  • Similar to One Ford/One IT initiative
Mott's philosophy on IT HR
  • many IT projects fail because they just take too long
  • favors putting more staff on a project for a shorter period--doing fewer projects at a time, but faster. "Every month that goes by, every quarter that goes by, the ROI goes down,"  
  • too many IT people running and supporting the business, not enough doing new development
  • centralized IT control and forced business managers to prioritize projects
  • GM's data center consolidation


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