Hurdles of new system rollout

Although the case study is for implementation of eHR, but the lesson learnt is universal for any new large scale system rollout:

  • Lack of Training
    • train the trainer appoarch is used (only a selected group of people from users were trainied)
      • no one was properly taught how to use
      • users' questions were unanswered
    • lesson learnt: system should not be rollout until everyone know how to use it

  • Lack of Buy-in
    • Everyone should know HOW to use
    • Everyone should know the BENEFIT
      • User input was not sought during decision: get the end-user involve when choosing the system
  • Going in pieces
    •  gradual rollout (different parts of the system going live at different times)
      • Pros: fix problems gradually as they occur without suffering a lot of issues all at the same time.
      • Cons: Some users use new system while some users use old system
  • Putting old records out of reach
    • original project plan assume old paper record will not be needed very often
    • The reality is that paper record is needed and recalled very often, causing additional time and cost
    • Solutions:
      • Using in-house staff to scan all records into the system
      • Hiring an outside firm to scan the documents, and
      • Keeping the paper records and scanning them when the patient visits.


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