Notes on setup WiFi and avoid signal receiving problem

  • 2.4Ghz Wifi planning
  • Use tools to find out unused (or less congested) channel
  • Wifi roaming - use same SSID (or ESSID) for different AP.  Computer can auto roam using the nearest AP.
  • Change any Wifi Router to Wifi AP
    • disable DHCP
    • disable any firewall feature.
    • do not used the WAN port.  Use any LAN port to connect to the corporate LAN.
    • The DHCP server and router on corporate LAN will responsible for routing and IP auto assign.
  • Tips on high density wifi (e.g. wifi conference)
    • Increase the AP density to decrease device per AP (just like micro cell in cellular network.)
    • Decrease Wifi signal strength to reduce signal overlapping.

    • use more AP
    • channel planning (use 1,6,11)
    • use wired LAN for high traffic user
    • use 5Ghz


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