Meeting Preparation

To avoid being asked a question which you don't know how to answer, prepare! prepare! prepare.

The article provide some tips:

  1. Before
    1. Know your audience
    2. Think ahead - If you know their background or expertise, you can guess what they want to ask.
    3. Practice the presentation
    4. Learn jargon - so that you can act like a pro
  2. During
    1. Think it through - instead of answer the question directly, ask the audience to provide more information.  Act like an detective
    2. Ask for assistance - ask other audience for input.  Change the role from "answer the question" to facilitator/moderator of a conversation between audience.
    3. Emphasis what you know - and acknowledge what you don't know.  Let the audience know you will research and reply later.
    4. Stay on topic - if answering the question will make you off topic, then better not do it.
    5. Confident
  3. After
    1. Research the question - prepare similar question for future and broaden the knowledge
    2. Integrate - integrate the question and answer to next presentation
    3. Follow Up - follow up to audience with unanswered question

Reference: What to say when you don't know what to say" HP Technology at Work Vol. Sept-2013


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