Stress Management

How Stress Can Change the Size of Our Brains and What We Can Do to Lower It,  2013-09-03

Good and bad effect of stress

  1. Stress is bad if too much.
  2. Prolonged stress will physical change your brain, such as reduce of hippocampus.
  3. Too much stress: negatively affects learning, attention span and memory.
  4. Too much stress -> increase adrenaline -> maximize  running and running power -> reduces our fine motor skills 
  5. Too much stress -> affect digestion
  6. eating well can actually positively impact how we cope with stress
  7. Stress makes us sick: up to 90% of all illness and disease is stress-related.
Reduce stress

  1. meditation, exercising and relaxation have been shown to reverse the negative effects of stress
  2. Organizing your life: daily or weekly planner,
  3. physically re-organize your work-place for a better sense of calm
  4. Prioritize until it hurts.”
  5. multitasking is not something that’s actually possible.
  6. take five minutes and rank the items on your to-do list in order of importance.
  7. Delegate: support other people to do things right.
  8. delegating with very clear, specific suggestions
  9. Focusone thing at a time
Todo List
  1. Break project into task
  2. Prioritize
  3. Plan ahead - list 6 most important tasks daily
  4. Be realistics


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