Glossary of Avaya ACD Elite and Avaya AACC

During the course of transition from Avaya ACD Elite to Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC), the concept is completely different.  Here's is a quick cheat sheet for me to handle new glossary and new concept used under new AACC product.

Avaya ACD Elite

VDNVector Directory Number
A Vector director number can be an entry point for a call.  Each VDN must be associated with a vector.  Multiple VDN can be associated with the same vector.  I frequently divide a call flow to multiple vector under multiple VDN so that I can use Avaya Call Management System (CMS) or use BCMS to count the calls under different branch.
Vectora Vector is merely a program or script for call treatment.  There is a lot of capability for you to handle the call under vector.  Vector support if, goto and comparator logic.

Usually, call handling  in vector can include the below action

  • play announcement/music/ringback (wait-time x secs hearing music/ringback; announcement xxx)
  • ask for caller's input (collect digit)
  • route-to different VDN or extension (route-to)
  • place the call under a queue (queue-to)
  • set variable (variable must be defined in Variables in Vector.  Use change variables command under CM)

Vector can make use of real time or pre-defined data or variables as conditions:
  • staffed-agents: no. of agent login for that particular skill
  • available-agents: no. of agent is "ready" for a particular skill
  • Expected Wait Time (expected-wait): the expected wait time for a particular skill for that call
  • calls-queued: No. of calls queue in a particular skill
  • Compare with variables
  • get VDN variables, including V1~V5, and 1st/2nd/3rd skill under the VDN.
  • check if a number is inside a table (vector routing table.  Use list vrt for the list of vrt)
  • service-hours table: can check if the time is in or not-in a particular service hour table.  Multiple time tables are allowed.  User list service-hour-tables for the list of service hour tables.
  • holiday: check if the current date is in or not-in a particular holiday table.  Holiday table can be defined in Communication Manager (CM) using add/change/list holiday-table
Vector can support the below flow control:
  • goto step: you can goto any step inside the same vector or any step of another vector
  • stop
  • disconnect
Avaya Site Administrator A GUI for overall administration.  Although the available of a GUI, I still prefer to connect to CM console via Terminal Emulator.

Great Websites:

AACC (Avaya Aura Contact Centre)

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CDN Contact Directory Number
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