Matching between vSphere host virtual drives and guest windows volume

I have assigned multiple virtual harddisks (vmdk) to guest Windows.  Sometimes, I have deleted a volume inside Guest windows but I cannot reconcile and know which virtual harddisk is the correct one to delete.

If you need to match a lot of disk, you may want to use script in this forum and this forum.

We can use the virtual SCSI location to figure out their relationship.

1. Open disk properties (right click the disk) inside “device manager” or “disk management”

2. Go to Details tab.
3. Make sure the disk is a “VMware Virtual disk SCSI Disk Device”.  The below method does not applies to other disk types (e.g. Microsoft Storage Space Device).
4. Change Property to “Location information”.  Read the Target Id.  (My example is Target ID=3)
5. Inside vSphere client, open your Virtual Machine Properties.  Find the Hard disk which the SCSI target ID is the same as target ID in your Windows.
6. Then you will know which harddisk is your target harddisk.  You can also know the path of the Disk File as you may want to physical delete it from datastore.


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