From what to how to why

A marketing guru teaches you about how to think, how to formula a marketing campaign.

Here's the excerpt:

Why we buy music player from Apple?  Why we cannot accept buy a tablet from Dell?  Both Apple and Dell are IT companies with same access to technology!

Dell's ad may be: We have high tech gadgets, high speed, light weight, come and buy!
Apple's ad may be: We challenge the status quo.  Our vision is to think different (see the 1984 ad)

The goal is to believe why you do, not what you have.  Why people want to buy
Part of brain makes decision making does not handle language.
Hire people that believe in you.
Wright's brother driven by dream, work from their blood, not for paycheck.
People talk what you believe, attracts your believer.
Tipping point: 50-80% market penetration.
Comfortable makes gut decision.
People buy why you do it, not what you do. They want be the first to
get the technology.

Check out this amazing TED Talk:
Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

update on 2012.03.30
There is also another excellent which summarize the talk:


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