Practical Experience in a Turnkey System Revamp Project

(Will keep update during course of my project)

Before Tender

  • How to get end user(working level) involved in writing requirement specification
  • How to get industry information from vendors

Before the Project

  • Get time to understand the future system (assume out of box product)
  • Get time for the BA/SA to understand the business requirement and background

During the Project

  • Project Manager cannot be onboard at the beginning of the project - may lacks knowledge of the project background and the development at early stage
  • Project Manager onboard after the launch of the project - may not be able to utilize internal resource and lead internal team
  • Keep tight control of outstanding items at the beginning of the project (good discipline)
  • Ask function team to report any new task or task status update to PM
  • Keep minute of function team meeting 
  • Every task must have deadline and owner (both user and vendor)
  • Slip is a must.  The problem is how to correct it
  • There is always a gap between User --> BA --> SA --> Programmer.  Document the process alone cannot solve the problem.  It is because everyone has its own interpretation to a document.  Sometimes traditional face-to-face communication is necessary.
  • When the user said he want to revamp the system and ask the vendor to ignore the status quo, usually, the result of BPR is very similar (if not the same) of the old system design.  This is because the old system of the customer is undergo active revamp during the whole life cycle.  The old system is the result of the intelligence and experience throughout their operation.
  • In a large project, many people said differently for the same thing.  It is difficult to consolidate the requirement until a baseline design is released and to kick off the official CR management process.
  • Not enough manpower
    • to give the user requirement
    • to monitor the implementation
    • to perform UAT
    • to learn the new system (knowledge transfer bottleneck)


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