Access data on NICE IEX via ODBC

If your SQL server has installed ODBC link and link server to connect to server of Totalview's IEX database, you may access the databse using SQL statement as follows:

Moreover, the ODBC is configured as Link Server in SQL Server.  Therefore, we can query directly from the IEX server at SQL Server.

e.g.  At the SQL Server Query:

select * from TOTALVIEW.totalview..activityheader  
where DATE = '2009-09-29'
order by ACTIVITY_ID

select * from TOTALVIEW.totalview..activitydetail
where ACTIVITY_ID > 158131
order by ACTIVITY_ID

The most common used tables are:

For table definition, please refer to Appendix E, TotalView Administrator Guide (admin.pdf).


Ray said…
Do you have more information on how to set up the IEX ODBC connection?

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