Farewell/Last Day/Goodbye Letter Template

Sample 1: Sales to Customer
Dear all,

Today is my last day at xxx Company. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your kind supports and guidance during the past few months. Here I gained valuable experience and wonderful memory. And it is great pleasure to work with you all. Please keep in touch.

Please contact Mr. My Replacement through email: xxxx@domain.com / Tel: 123456678 if you have any enquire about xxx products and services.

In future, I can be reached:

MSN / E-mail: xxxx@personaldomain.com

Mobile no.: 1234 5678

Wish you every success and happiness.

Best Regards

Chan Tai Man

Sample 1.1: Sales to Customer

Dear Friends and Partners,

Please be informed that today is my last working day in . Thanks for your kindly support, cooperation and sharing during the days I work here. This is a great experience what I learn from you and I treasure our working experience together.

In future, for any sales and business related issues, please contact at , and or email to

You are welcome to call me for a chat or drink. My personal email address is
, and my mobile phone number is still kept at .

Once again, thank you so much for your support.
Wish you all the best and success!
Keep in touch.

Sample 1.2: Sales to Customer


Tomorrow is my last working day in XYZ. I had accepted a position at another company and will be on board on _______. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and thanks everyone always been my motivating factor at work.
I am hopeful that our paths will continue to cross. Best wishes to all your future endeavours and stay in touch.

For XYZ assistance, you may contact _________ (Account Manager) 55556666 and ____________ (Managing Director) 77778888.

Best Regards

Sample 2: Boss to subordinates

小妹走了。你們的堅毅及耐力,只可用'無話可說''無言感激'來答謝。希望你們緊守崗位,與(My direct subordinate) and (My replacement) 共同進退。XYZ Company 需要你們的支持。Good-bye and 一切順利。 


Sample 3: Boss to a leaving subordinates
Dear X,

Thank you very much for all the contributions you made to ABC. A reliable system is too important to smooth operation. We all know how much hard work and dedication you have. We will miss you very much.

Hope you are successful in all your endeavours in (new place).

Do come back to Hong Kong to visit us as often as you can.

Best regards

Sample 4.1: To peers
Dear all,
No matter how unwilling I am, the time to temporarily leave this first-rate team has finally come.  You are incredible!  You have given me the sense of belonging to a team, a real team with cohesiveness and cooperation not only in your own section, but across the entire organization.  The work nature is amazing as well, you have to face urgent, difficult and challenging tasks in the area of operation, knowledge management, system development, crisis management … … which go beyond imagination.  There is set-back, but definitely no frustration.  In return, there is reward in terms of unlimited knowledge, experience, excitement and satisfaction gained.  You have given me a sweet and marvelous memory in the years to come, and I am obliged to express the most gratefulness to you.  Thank Yoooouuuu!!!! 
Please allow me to particularly say “thank you very much” again to Mr. Boss A, Boss B, Boss C and Boss D for your continuous and selfless teaching, advice, guidance and patience.  Your kind guidance is the most valuable, rare and commendable (I looked up the word 難能可貴 in online dictionary), which has allowed me so much learning opportunities.  Very very grateful indeed!!! 
Furthermore, LOB Manager A, LOB Manager B, and LOB Manager C The Brother have always been so kind and sincere, such great friends to have in a working place.  My “ex-Hot Room neighbors”, X and Y, are extremely nice and helpful as well.  I must also thank Peer P, Peer Q, Peer R, Peer S, Peer T and Peer U for being such dedicated, and at the same time funny and nice teammates (Hot Room did become less excited after most of you left).  People usually says that IT guys are not very communicative, come and take a look at our IT friendly handsome IT A, IT B and IT C, you would tell how wrong that opinion is.  How could I forget the help and support from the nice ladies including Admin A, Admin B and the Peer C, and the very gentle and nice LOB Manager D.  
I definitely would like to contribute more to XXX Co., and am looking forward to do just that in future.  Having to leave such an excellent working environment really makes me sad, and I will miss you all very much!!  All in all, it has been so much fun to work with you, such great luck to get a posting here.  I wish you all 工作順利and身體健康.  Unlike LOB Manager D who will have the privilege to contact XXX in his next posting, I will be working for internal clients only.  However, we surely will see each other again soon, take care and good bye!!

Wish You All The Best,

Sample 4.2: To peers
Dear all,

In a blink of eyes, I have been XYZ for more than x years.  I remember my first working day was the Event A……so many staff in the office, they were so “devoted” in playing games, so “proactive” in having the lunch, so “energetic” that I have never come across in other departments.……Then x years passed by and it is my last day here.  Many exciting scenes come to my mind, like Event B, Event C and Event D….

Working in XYZ is always challenging, and new initiatives always come that I will never get bored.  Indeed I have learnt a lot of things here! It’s like a “木人巷”.

But what makes my days in XYS so enjoyable and memorable is my great and nice colleagues.  Thanks to Boss A, you are so kind and patient to always provide me guidance and opportunities.  I am also lucky to have two capable hands, Subordinate A and Subordinate B, and two capable legs, Subordinate C and Subordinate D, as well as all other committed teammates, they have given me a lot of support, laughter and wonderful times.  I will not forget the event e, event f and touching moments which my colleagues have given me today.  Thanks so much!

Of course, I will also not forget other wonderful colleagues in the centre……A, B, C who is always so “warm” to me, D, E, F ……..

Will miss you all very much!!

As it is a bit “冷清” today, will arrange “散水餅” to you all next week when I return from India.

Let’s keep in touch! (will definitely stay in touch with some of you in my new posting, don’t think me troublesome as I will not start the telephone conversation by saying please do ....)  My personal e-mail address is personal@email.com  

My heartfelt thanks again to you all!  Goodbye!  All the best to you all and the company!


Sample 4.3: to peers
Today is my last day in ABC, a work place and a family where I spent over six years. Here we worked together as a team, experienced all the challenges and overcome them. I really enjoy working with you guys. You are all fantastic.

I am leaving Hong Kong for X next month. Wish ABC every success in the years to come. I can be contacted on

Email / Facebook : personal_email@domain.com

All the best.


Sample 5: Chairman to members

Dear Member,
This is a bittersweet announcement to let you know I will be from
my role as at .   I wanted to let you know before we publicly announce my .  I have always embraced change and, as a result, I am fortunate to have wide-ranging life experiences. Working at has been the highlight of my career. 
Over my_______-year tenure, the organization has grown ; introduced and ; established ; moved from to ; expanded ; developed ; and developed such as X and Y.
The Board of Directors evaluated both internal and external
candidates, and I’m pleased to announce they selected our to take over the position on . I’ve worked with for a number of years and as the , he has made many positive changes for , and I know that his leadership qualities will help the organization continue to grow and rise to the next level of excellence.
My last day as will be . You are a member of the organization in the world. Looking forward, I encourage you to remain committed to advancing the industry and the work of .
Thanks for all you do,


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